Hostile Politicians and actions

Agitators demand 2 MM acres in AZ/NM — for jaguars

You just have to read this article. The arrogance and abrasive disregard for rural communities is unfathomable, and so is the number of lies the Defenders of Wildlife is telling about the history of jaguars in Arizona and New Mexico. Remember, NO naturally occurring female jaguar has been documented in New Mexico–EVER. Not in the […]

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Democrats introduce “Voluntary” Grazing Permit Retirement Act

According to, over the past year in Phoenix, …inflation rose 10.9 percent. That means that Phoenix residents paid about 16 percent more for meat, poultry and eggs, 6.5 percent more for milk, and 13 percent more for fruits and vegetables. It also cost 15.5 percent more to put clothes on their backs. With food […]

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