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SACPA wants you to stay abreast of regulations that may threaten your cattle operation and possibly also the welfare of your cattle and even your own health. In some cases SACPA has submitted professional comments to agencies. It is important when an agency issues a call for public comments that you send your personal comments as well.  Putting your face and personal concerns in front of an agency can significantly impact the final decision. In addition, silence is taken as agreement. Should you ever need to sue an agency you will find yourself without the ability to do so if they received no comment from you or comment on your behalf when they issued the call.

The links below take you to some key issues that are current, as well as some convenient links to bookmark in your web browser for future use.

View and Comment on Proposed Regulations  posted in the Federal Register

United States National Forest System

Coronado National Forest

Forest Plan Documents

Current Plan:

SACPA’s Latest Comments on Proposed Rule Changes:

Click here to Read February 16, 2014 Comments submitted by Dennis Parker on behalf of SACPA, Pima NRCD, Whitewater Draw NRCD, et al. 


In November 2008 the Coronado National Forest requested public comments on their Draft Planning Rule documents concerning 14 Forest management issues.

Dennis Parker, who is both a wildlife biologist and an attorney licensed in Arizona, responded on behalf of SACPA. Click here to see a summary of Dennis Parker’s comments in response to the 2008 proposed changes.

Click here to read Dennis Parker’s full comments.

Coronado National Forest Planning Rule Home Page

All Coronado National Forest Planning Documents

March 2010 Coronado Draft Forest Plan

January 27, 2010 Federal Register Notice–”Plan Revision for the Coronado National Forest, Cochise, Graham, Pima, Pinal, and Santa Cruz Counties, AZ; and Hidalgo County, NM”

  1. SACPA responded with formal comments written by Dennis Parker. Click here to read comments.


National Forest System

February 14, 2011 Federal Register Notice for proposed US Forest Service Planning Rule for all units of the US National Forest System

In response, SACPA signed onto a letter written by the Public Lands Council on behalf of 35 livestock producer organizations. Click here to download the letter.

Click here to read a letter written by 59 members of Congress regarding the proposed rule.

The Pima and Winkelman Natural Resources Conservation Districts, among other conservation districts across Arizona and the USA, responded with formal comments written by Fred Kelly Grant, calling the National Forest System into Coordination on this rule.