Agitators demand 2 MM acres in AZ/NM — for jaguars

You just have to read this article. The arrogance and abrasive disregard for rural communities is unfathomable, and so is the number of lies the Defenders of Wildlife is telling about the history of jaguars in Arizona and New Mexico. Remember, NO naturally occurring female jaguar has been documented in New Mexico–EVER. Not in the […]

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Study Confirms 2 Jaguars killed in AZ in 1960’s were Imported from Belize

A new study has been published in the Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science, Babb et al. (2022) “Updates of Historic and Contemporary Records of Jaguars (Panthera onca) from Arizona.” The authors confirm the most highly contested findings of the literature review that SACPA conducted and first submitted, with full citations, in comments to […]

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SACPA Comments on USFWS Draft Jaguar Recovery Plan

SACPA, together with an informal coalition of public and private organizations, has submitted comments in response to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s December 20, 2016 Jaguar Draft Recovery Plan. Click here to view SACPA’s comments. Please help cover the cost of these comments. To keep your SACPA dues at the bargain basement price of $25 […]

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