SEC proposes “Natural Asset Companies”

American Stewards of Liberty has been tracking developments of Joe Biden’s 30X30 agenda. The latest proposed regulation comes from the Securities and Exchange Commission. On October 3, the SEC proposed a regulation (but  posted it as a Notice) that creates “Natural Asset Companies” (NACs). These companies would take over management control of natural resources on public and private lands, purportedly committing  natural resources to the same status as non-use “conservation leases” that the Bureau of Land Management  illegally proposed. The public comment period on the SEC’s proposed rule opened on October 3 and closed October 25.

According to the proposed rule,
“NACs will be corporations that hold the rights to the ecological performance (i.e., the

value of natural assets and production of ecosystem services) produced by natural or working

areas, such as national reserves or large-scale farmlands, and have the authority to manage the

areas for conservation, restoration, or sustainable management. These rights can be licensed like

other rights, including “run with the land” rights (such as mineral rights, water rights, or air

rights), and NACs are expected to license these rights from sovereign nations or private


The SEC justifies the rule with the following statements:

“Because financial markets do not include the

positive and negative externalities related to nature’s consumption and production, ecosystem

services are being degraded at alarming rates. Species extinction is proceeding at a pace never

experienced in human history. Fresh water resources are being consumed and polluted.

Agriculture is contributing to the loss of natural habitat and soil degradation. These are

significant threats to life on earth and the economy.”

For more details on the rule, see the 10-23-SEC-NA-Backgrounder

To follow the latest developments including amendments introduced in Congress to defund the rule, follow the American Stewards blog.