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Note: All new membership applications must be approved by the SACPA Board of Directors. After completing the application, please e-mail it  to

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Membership dues are just $50/year, due at the autumn meeting. If you can’t attend, please mail your check or money order payable to SACPA to: SACPA 8200 E Box Canyon Rd. Green Valley AZ 85614 We regret that in light of recent security breaches in major commercial and government websites, we have erred on the side of caution and discontinued the Paypal payment option.


1. JOIN SACPA and keep your membership active!   Our dues are minimal and your continuous membership will give us the opportunity to keep you informed on all sorts of topics relevant to your cattle ranching operation through our newsletter, this website, Twitter and our semi-annual luncheon meetings. SACPA dues are just $50 per year because we try to keep membership as affordable as possible. How many trade organizations as active and effective as SACPA set their dues as low?

2. PLEASE DONATE TO SACPA GENEROUSLY. SACPA is ready at all times to offer generous rewards for information leading to the rustling of our members’ livestock or theft or vandalism to their ranch property. SACPA has spent thousands of dollars making sure sound science is documented and junk science is debunked in the Administrative Record for all sorts of new proposed rules related to the Endangered Species Act, federal lands planning, EPA regulations and anything else that may threaten the future of ranching in southern Arizona.

We do this to provide legal standing and an accurate record in court to SACPA members whose future well being is threatened by third party lawsuits and regulations that are based on junk science and other myths. Having accurate science in the Administrative Record has often spelled the difference between victory and defeat in court.

That’s worth a lot more than our $50 membership fee! Membership fees do not even begin to pay these expenses. They are funded almost entirely by your generous donations! SACPA also spent thousands of dollars to bring you this website, and continues to spend hundreds annually to maintain it. The website is funded almost entirely by generous voluntary contributions from our members like you that are far above and beyond our dues revenues.

3. RUN A HIGH QUALITY RANCH. No matter if you own just a few head of cattle or a major operation, SACPA will help you do it smarter, better, and more profitably. We frequently feature speakers and programs at our semi-annual luncheons who will give you the latest information on cattle production, beef quality, genetic improvement, new technology and a host of other topics. These informative sessions are intended to help you produce better quality beef, produce better forage, and learn new ways to generate higher profits for your ranching business and raise the entire industry. The quality of what you produce and your integrity in doing it contributes to the well being of the entire industry. Visit our News and Information page to learn more about issues related to your cattle operation.

4. STAY INFORMED AND COMMENT ON PROPOSED REGULATIONS. SACPA will keep you informed of all kinds of relevant information through this website, our newsletters, our semi-annual luncheon meetings and continuously through our Twitter account.  (At $50/ year that’s a  bargain!)

Click here to view comments SACPA has submitted on behalf of our members in response to proposed regulations. Whenever a new regulation is proposed that may affect you, we strongly advise that you submit your own comments telling the agency how each new regulation will impact you, your livelihood and your family.

Attend public hearings and respectfully present your point of view. (You may not feel comfortable speaking in public at first, but the more you do it, the more self assurance you will gain, and for the rest of your life.)

That helps you tell your story to many other members of the public who otherwise may not understand your point of view or who may have forgotten that regulations can have a devastating impact on real families not unlike their own. SACPA often hires professionals to submit comments but attorneys and biologists  cannot possibly put your face or your personal experience in front of a regulator or represent you in the court of public opinion. Only YOU can do that, and it makes a huge difference.