Agitators demand 2 MM acres in AZ/NM — for jaguars

You just have to read this article. The arrogance and abrasive disregard for rural communities is unfathomable, and so is the number of lies the Defenders of Wildlife is telling about the history of jaguars in Arizona and New Mexico. Remember, NO naturally occurring female jaguar has been documented in New Mexico–EVER. Not in the historical record, not in the archaeological record, and not in the geological record. And there is ZERO verifiable evidence of historical breeding populations of jaguars in Arizona. But suddenly, Arizona and New Mexico history has been rewritten for the benefit of a Marxist political land grab.

Now is the time to think about “re”-introducing jaguars into the US [even though breeding populations never existed here in the past.]


You say this hare-brained idea is too absurd?  Even for the Biden gang?

The US Fish and Wildlife Service suddenly has proposed a new regulation authorizing themselves for the first time in 50 years to introduce experimental populations of endangered species outside historical range.

Endangered and Threatened Species: Designation of Experimental Populations

Currently, the eco-agitators are only asking for 100 jaguars to be introduced into Arizona.  That’s better than two years ago when they suggested we “need” 750 (a proposal they since have scrubbed from the internet).  They intend to move the goal posts, you can bet on it. Just like they did with the Mexican wolves.


Now put two and two together. Radical NGOs + Biden’s lawless, unconstitutional 30 X 30 land grab.