SACPA Opposes Proposed Wind Farm Development

A wind/solar power developer has planned a wind turbine farm on rangelands north of Oracle, Arizona.

SACPA has issued a letter opposing the development. The letter begins,

“To whom it may concern,

This letter is in response to the proposed wind project located in eastern Pinal County, Arizona, backed by Oak Wells Wind, LLC. The Southern Arizona Cattlemen’s Protective Association (SACPA) is a volunteer driven organization that represents ranching families in Pinal, Pima and Santa Cruz Counties in Southern Arizona. Keeping the ranchers on the land is the best assurance for the continued protection of the soil, water, wildlife and open space. We oppose such a large-scale project within our membership area. Many of lands potentially affected within the project area are multi-generational ranches, some of which have been continuously operated for nearly 150 years under single family ownership. Many of these ranches include large tracts of privately owned land. Much of this private land is included within the proposed project area without the landowner’s knowledge or consent. …”

View the entire letter online