Beginning Farmer & Rancher Workshop, Snowflake

The University of Arizona is hosting a Beginning Farmer/Rancher Workshop Series on Thursday October 27th, November 17th and December 8th, both in-person and with a zoom component. In person is located in Snowflake at the Best Western.

Click to view the flyer.


Admission is $10 per session and includes lunch.  There is a cap of 30 people for the in-person event.  Attending via Zoom is free of charge but is capped at 100 attendees.

Registration is required at:

All three workshops will be different, so we encourage attendance at all three to get the full range of speakers.  We added a Zoom component to increase accessibility for everyone.

The workshops will cover both farm and ranch related topics, and in the afternoon the guest producers will be from both farms and ranches.

While the class is tiered towards the northeastern part of Arizona, attendees from other parts of the state are more than welcome.

If there is anyone that needs assistance signing up for any of the classes, please let Anita Thompson know.

Anita Thompson
Assistant Area Agent, Agriculture
Apache, Navajo and Northern Greenlee County

Apache County/Ag Ext
845 W 4th North | St Johns, AZ 85936
Office: 928-337-2267