Sonoran Desert Tortoise

Environmental Land Restrictions vs. Border Security

This 18 minute video of smugglers packing drugs through southern Arizona was taken by hidden trail cameras set up by Drug smugglers move through southern Arizona through large unfenced, unsecured areas. Few if any of these smugglers were apprehended. The video begins with footage from 2011 when drug smugglers moving through the Atascosa Mountains […]

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Sept 18, 2015 Endangered Species Multi-District Litigation Update

In May 2011 the Service entered into the Multi-District Litigation (MDL) Settlement Agreement with WEG and CBD. The Agreement required the Service make listing determinations for all species on the 2010 Candidate List, petition findings for species that are subject of petitions, and to finalize other outstanding litigation-related listing actions, by FY 2016. At the […]

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Sonoran Desert Tortoise study by Meyer et al. (2010)

A key study on Sonoran Desert Tortoises began  when Dr. Walt Meyer discovered the charred shells of Sonoran Desert Tortoises that jojoba bean pickers camping on his grazing allotment had eaten. Meyer began monitoring the tortoises. Twenty years later, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service found that listing of the species as endangered or threatened may […]

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