Sept 18, 2015 Endangered Species Multi-District Litigation Update

In May 2011 the Service entered into the Multi-District Litigation (MDL) Settlement Agreement with WEG and CBD. The Agreement required the Service make listing determinations for all species on the 2010 Candidate List, petition findings for species that are subject of petitions, and to finalize other outstanding litigation-related listing actions, by FY 2016.

At the time of settlement, there were more than 250 candidates at the national level, including 21 candidates in the State of Arizona. As of January 2015 the status of 11 Arizona candidates has been resolved, including 4 withdrawals because listing was not warranted. AESO has completed a tremendous listing workload and is on pace to complete determinations for all remaining candidates in Arizona within required timeframes.

The link below gives the status on each species decision.

Click here to view MDL_Summary-AZ-18Aug15