SACPA Resolution on Regulations for Navajo Generating Station

Navajo Generating Station SACPA Resolution 6/25/2013

Re: Air Quality Implementation Plans; Approvals and Promulgations: Navajo Nation; Regional Haze Requirements for Navajo Generating Station (Document ID  EPA-RO9-OAR-2013-0009-0029)

Whereas, the  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  rule cited above would result in a projected $1.1 billion cost of implementation,  would increase the cost of delivering Central Arizona Project water to agricultural operations throughout the state and would increase demand on scarce groundwater ;

Whereas,  the EPA rule would increase costs and reduce international competitiveness for Arizona’s economically important and culturally and historically unique livestock industry;

Whereas, the EPA rule would increase the cost of producing alfalfa and other feed grains essential to SACPA members, as well as cotton, citrus, pecans, melons, and numerous other important Arizona agricultural products that, with cattle, are the backbone of Arizona agricultural productivity;

Whereas,  the EPA rule would threaten thousands of productive jobs largely held by members of the Navajo Nation and Hopi Tribe at the generating station, and at the Kayenta coal mine supplying the station, and the loss of these productive jobs will translate to increased costs for the federal treasury and Arizona taxpayers including SACPA members;

Whereas,  the EPA rule would eliminate an estimated 1/3rd of the Navajo Nation’s and 1/2 of the Hopi Tribe’s non-federal  annual income, thus damaging the tribe members and the economic productivity of the State of Arizona which is of interest to SACPA;

Whereas,  the EPA rule would drive up the cost of survival essentials of electricity and water to our members and to virtually all Arizona consumers, and

Whereas, the EPA rule contradicts President Obama’s stated policy of creating jobs and reducing unemployment and forces Arizona producers and consumers, including our members, to assume the financial burden imposed by the Administration for an esthetic  purpose;

Whereas, the EPA claims of haze reduction (determined to be imperceptible to the human eye) do not rise to a legally supportable basis for regulatory action by the EPA,

Therefore, be it resolved that Southern Arizona Cattlemen’s Protective Association  (SACPA)advocate that the EPA withdraw the proposed rule due to negative impacts to all Arizonans, direct harm to the international competitiveness of Arizona agricultural producers including our members,  and disproportionate impact upon economic opportunity for indigenous communities.