SACPA Resolution on Border Security 6/25/2013

SACPA  Resolutions-6-25-13-

Securing the International Boundary

Whereas, the current Border Patrol strategy is to attempt to apprehend border crossers 5, 10, 20 and over 100 miles inside the United States rather than at the international boundary;

Whereas, Mexican Cartel scouts are on Arizona mountain tops as much as 100 miles north of the international border and are successfully guiding “human mules” carrying drugs and are managing passage of cartel-led crossers across Pima, Pinal and Santa Cruz Counties;

Whereas, the Government Accountability Office estimates that the Border Patrol apprehends only about 64% of the undocumented border crossers and a Los Angeles Times report reveals that an analysis of Predator Drone Vader surveillance data showed “Border Patrol Agents apprehended fewer than half of the foreign migrants and smugglers;”

Whereas, it is reported that approximately 2,238 border crossers have died in Pima County between 1990 and 2012; and an untold number of crossers have died in both Pinal and Santa Cruz Counties;

Whereas, there is an unacceptable human cost exacted from many crossers including rapes perpetrated by cartel smugglers, other severe abuses, high frequency of extreme life-threatening thirst and heat prostration and other serious injury;

Whereas, there is significant environmental and  soil damage resulting from years of hundreds of thousands of undocumented border crossers leaving a reported average of 8.5 pounds of trash apiece while tromping across ranches and farms;

Whereas, ranchers living in the Pima, Pinal and Santa Cruz Counties are subject to daily trespass by illegal border crossers, to violence and burglaries, to thousands of dollars additional annual expense in constant fence and water line repair,  and to daily concern for their safety;

Whereas, Arizona borderlands have suffered millions of dollars in property damage and personal loss due to major forest fires set intentionally or accidentally by illegal crossers;

Be it therefore resolved that the current Border Patrol strategy, which effectively allows drug packers and undocumented crossers to enter Southern Arizona five to one hundred miles prior to attempted apprehension, must be changed to a specific objective of  securing the border at the  international boundary;

Be it therefore further resolved that Southern Arizona Cattlemen’s Protective Association petition the Border Patrol to construct new international boundary fences closing the gaps between existing walls, to construct roads adjacent to the new fences, to establish communications facilities and security towers and to build forward operation bases near the international boundary with Mexico.