Published Studies on Negative Economic Impacts of Wolf Reintroduction

 Published Studies Discussing Negative Economic Impacts of Wolf Reintroduction

Wolf  (Canis lupus) Predation Impacts on Livestock Production: Direct Effects, Indirect Effects, and Implications for Compensation Ratios | J. Steele, B. Rashford, T. Foulke, J. Tanaka and D.Taylor, Rangeland Ecology and Management, September 2013

Catron County New Mexico Commission Report: A County in Crisis, June 18, 2012–click here for full report (5.5 Mb)

County_in_Crisis: Executive Summary

Re-Establishment of the Mexican Wolf: The Economics of Depredation | New Mexico State University Range Improvement Task Force Report # 80 (3.2 Mb)

Warning Brochure for Residents of Wolf Country | Catron County New Mexico Wolf Interaction Investigator Jess Carey

Mexican Wolf Predation Collateral Damage Identification Brochure (warning: graphic photos) | Catron County Wolf Investigator Jess Carey (10.7 Mb)