Retracted: Walk a Mile in Nick Ivie’s Boots

Update May 3, 2020

We retracted the article, “Walk a Mile in his Boots” by Ron Colburn, upon learning of well-documented opposing information.

That information is exposed in investigative journalist Huey Freeman’s book, Who Shot Nick Ivie?

Freeman credibly argues that the Colburn article—which unfortunately was first published on this website— contains numerous significant inaccuracies.

Freeman lays out convincing evidence that Nick Ivie was not killed by “friendly fire,” nor did any of the three agents violate any agency policies or act against their training. Nor did Nick Ivie accidentally shoot and wound Agent Johnson. Johnson was shot and Nick Ivie was murdered  by the very smugglers Nick Ivie was tracking.

As a result of Freeman’s investigative work, we are of the opinion that the Colburn article should no longer reside on this website.

The article, if inaccurate, is unfair and disrespectful to the late Nick Ivie and the two agents he was working with at the time of his death, Graciela Borjas and David G. Johnson.

If the Colburn article is untruthful, we extend our deepest apologies to the Ivie family, to Agents Borjas and Johnson, and to their families.

The video below is a 52-minute interview on Steel Truth with Huey Freeman.