USDA names four new senior staff people

USDA names four new senior staff people

Here is a little background on their former employers:

Andrea Delgado may have been appointed to push Mr. Biden’s 30X30  agenda from within USDA.

Earthjustice–  these are the lawyers for radical anti-ag groups like the Center for Biological Diversity, Forest Guardians, Sierra Club, Humane Society of the United States, etc.

United Farm Workers Foundation pushes open borders, amnesty, and other left-wing Democrat agenda items including “Build Back Better,” federalization of elections,  etc.

Sara Bleich’s Harvard web page indicates she’s done  a lot of research on fighting diet-related obesity. Much of that research examines the role of sugary beverages and the influence of the SNAP program on soda-pop consumption behaviors. Unfortunately, her work on fighting obesity seems to have been ignored during the COVID pandemic.

Scott Marlow’s Long Rows Consulting LLC appears irrelevant. The business does not have a website, and was only created September 18, 2020. The business address is an average-value single family residence on a rural one-acre parcel. His 20 years with with Rural Advancement Foundation is more relevant.

More background on Tim Gannon