Take Action!

“Hang onto your wallets, the legislature is in session!”

It’s important to let the Arizona State Legislature know your position on bills coming up in committee. In the current legislative session, literally thousands of bills have been introduced in each session of the legislature. Focusing your efforts on bills that are being heard in the very near future helps you manage your time efficiently.

Click Here to View our State Legislature bill tracking spreadsheet (Last updated Feb 21, 2020)

The following links will help your issues be heard in the Arizona State Legislature

Arizona State Legislature

Arizona State Legislature Bill Tracking Page

Arizona State Legislature Upcoming Agendas


Arizona State Legislature “Request To Speak” (RTS) Login Page

Note: You must register to use the RTS system for the first time at one of the two kiosks located in the Legislature Building at the State Capitol.  Once you have done that, you can sign in from any computer and even update your profile or password. A link to a manual for using the RTS system can be found in the left sidebar.

Using the RTS system carries more weight with the Legislature than emailing or calling individual legislators, because your bill positions are acknowledged in committee hearings whether you speak or not.  You can indicate whether you want to speak in person before the committee hearing, or just click no. You can leave a short comment even if you choose not to physically be present.

Two applications are available from the RTS system: Bill Tracking and Request to Speak. If you don’t see the link you are looking for in the left sidebar of the page, click on the green grid icon in the upper right corner of the web page and switch applications.  Sometimes the RTS system will automatically switch you into Bill Tracking. For example, if you click a link to research a bill, your browser will be transferred into the Bill Tracking application. To then file your position on that bill, you need to click the Applications icon to switch back into the RTS application. The link to “Upcoming Agendas” is available only in the RTS application. The Bill Tracking application has a link to current and past agendas, so do not let that confuse you.


Private Sector Bill Tracking Systems

2nd Amendment-Arizona Citizens Defense League

Most ranchers need and own firearms, but there are so many great organizations to focus the Second Amendment that SACPA can focus our efforts on cattle and ranching issues. The Arizona Citizens Defense League has an excellent action center and bill tracker on their website to follow firearms and civil liberties bills in the Arizona State Legislature. You can also sign up for free to receive their regular news and action alerts.

Sierra Club

The Grand Canyon chapter of the Sierra Club is NO friend of Arizona’s ranching families, but you can still let them do free research and clerical for you. They have an excellent Arizona legislative bill tracker on their website. Take advantage of it to stay abreast of the  bills they support or oppose, and also learn how highly they prioritize each bill. They also issue weekly legislative update reports.


Comment on Federal Regulations

Proposed changes  to Federal regulations are always  posted at https://regulations.gov. From there you can see what regulations are open for comment, and use the buttons and links to submit your official comments. To save time, you can filter the results in a variety of ways or use their search engine. The system is extremely well designed and user-friendly, so USE IT!

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