News articles, blogs and videos about Mexican wolves

This page contains links to articles in the news concerning the Mexican wolf. This page last updated November 15, 2013.

wolf depredation public domain image-OR DFW


11/13/2013  75 Members of Congress Send Letter Calling for the Obama Administration to Fully Delist the Gray Wolf and opposing the listing of the Mexican Wolf. Read the letter here.

11/12/2013 Legal Notice: Public hearings scheduled on proposed rules regarding Mexican Wolf

10/30/2013 Alpha Female from Campbell Pack Removed Sunday -Human-habituated Mexican wolves surround a horseback rider, attack his dog, and refuse to leave

9/13/2013 Paradise pack removal order. Details of depredation history (total of 10 depredation “incidents” where a single “incident” by definition can involve multiple kills ) by 2 wolves and extensive but failed efforts to train these predators to leave livestock alone.

 Crying Wolf by Steve Wilmeth (The Westerner, 2/25/2013) examines the history of wolves, the reasons for their eradication in New Mexico and the need to reassess current policy.

Howling Mad This 2003 Tucson Weekly article by Leo Banks shows how wolf reintroduction affects the local ranchers. The only difference today is that there are now almost twice as many wolves in the same area, and a lot fewer ranchers.


Endangered Working Cattlemen


Wolves in Government Clothing David Spady examines the economic, social and psychological impacts of Mexican Wolf reintroductions in the Gila Wilderness on local  ranching families and communities. 30 minutes.