Local Government Resolutions Opposing Mexican Wolf Introductions


Apache County AZ Ordinance Setting Forth Emergency Predator-Human Incident Protective Measures

Arizona Sheriffs Association Resolution Opposing Mexican wolf program

Curry County NM Resolution-2015-20

Fredonia, AZ Resolution Concerning Mexican wolves September 10, 2013

Globe, AZ City Council Resolution Opposing Introduction of Dangerous Predators into Arizona

Graham County AZ  Resolution Regarding The Reintroduction of the Mexican Gray Wolf Program

Grant County NM Commission takes stand against Mexican wolf introductions January 2000

Mohave County AZ Resolution Objecting to the Introduction of Mexican wolves into Mohave County

Otero County NM Resolution on Management of Mexican wolves September 8, 2016

2013-2014 Quay County NM Resolution Concerning the Proposed Listing of the Mexican Wolf and the Proposed Nonessential Experimental Population Rule

Rio Arriba County NM Resolution Opposing the Introduction of the Mexican Wolf Into Northern New Mexico

Socorro County NM Resolution 2015-68 Opposing US Fish and Wildlife Service Wolf Recovery Program

Socorro County, NM Ordinance Setting Forth Wolf-Human Incident Emergency Protective Measures