Border Security and Immigration

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SACPA Statement on Border Security

Facts about Border Security (updated June 2014)

Securing the United States/Mexico border at the international boundary rather than continuing the current Border Patrol policy of “defense in depth” which attempts to apprehend border crossers 5, 10, 20 and over 100 miles inside the United States is needed.

The Government Accountability Office estimates that the Border Patrol apprehends only about 64% of the undocumented border crossers and a Los Angeles Times report reveals that an analysis of Predator Drone Vader surveillance data showed “Border Patrol Agents apprehended fewer than half of the foreign migrants and smugglers;”

Ranchers work and live on land de facto ceded to the cartels by the Government; we demand equal protection under the law. Please note the following:
1. Arizona Attorney Tom Horne has stated that about 800 people have been arrested by the Border Patrol whose country of origin sponsors terrorism. He then asks, “How many of these were terrorists? How many terrorists successfully avoided apprehension? Where are they now and what are their plans?;
2. Recently a figure was released indicating 2,238 people have died in our deserts in Pima County during illegal entry; these are the ones whose bodies were found.
3. Border crossers often suffer life-threatening distress from Arizona climate extremes; women frequently become victims of rapes and other violence perpetrated by cartel smugglers; at this point, two groups of underage children, lost and abandoned by their smuggler, have shown up at Ted Noon’s ranch during the heat of June which is our worst month to be lost in this area;
4. Hundreds of thousands of undocumented persons each leave a reported average of 8.5 pounds of trash while crossing borderlands according to official estimates (approximately 27,000 tons in the Tucson Station area since 1992 and that is based on the number of crossers apprehended and does not include 8.5 pounds apiece for those who were not apprehended );
5. Mexican cartel scouts are on our mountain tops guiding “human mules” carrying drugs of all kinds; the Border Patrol reports a recent increase in portage of high value addictive drugs (meth, cocaine, heroin) through this open route; the social, economic and human costs of drug addiction facilitated by this devastating commerce are never calculated into the cost/benefit analysis of changing to an effective interdiction strategy.

The solution to the border issue is to change the current Border Patrol “defense in depth” policy to a policy of securing the border at the International Boundary. The Border Patrol must complete the construction of the wall, establish forward operation bases near the wall, construct roads adjacent to the wall and install needed communications, cameras and sensors along the wall. Most importantly, the Border Patrol must patrol every foot of the completed wall rather than focusing their rural area efforts dozens of miles north of the international boundary and leaving rural border residents without equal protection.

Border Security Resolution drafted by SACPA and passed by the Public Lands Council

Arizona Border Ranchers in the News


Introduced Legislation:

US Congress:

H.R. 1505: National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act|GovTrack.US

HR 1505: National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act| OpenCongress

H.R. 2497: HALT Act (Hinder the Administration’s Legalization Temptation) Act

HR 1956 – Refundable Child Tax Credit Eligibility Verification Reform Act| Thomas Register

HR 1956–Refundable Child Tax Credit Eligibility Verification Reform Act|Open Congress

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