Arizona Border Ranchers in the News

Arizona Border Ranchers in the  News 

July 2014 NBC News Arizona Ranchers Frustrated over Smugglers’ Crime

4 1/2 minute  Video: Is the U.S. Border ruled by drug cartels? So. AZ border rancher Jim Chilton sounds off. 9-13-2013

 BLM Serious Incident Reports was scrubbed from the internet. The hard statistics and reports of arrests of smugglers do not support the Obama Administration’s propaganda that the border is more secure than ever.

150 Miles of Hell | Men’s Journal

5-7-12 The Drug Cartels Keep Arizona’s Border Wide Open

Altar Valley Residents Fear Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline Will Facilitate Cross-Border Criminal Activity

Congressman IssaPresses DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano on Allegations of Falsified Border Crossing Data

Napolitano Accused by Lawmaker of Falsifying Border Security  Data

SACPA Past President /AZ Farm Bureau Rancher of the Year Dan Bell Is Focused on Border Security

Border Patrol Apprehends Suspected “Rip crew”