Did Coronado’s Men See Jaguars at Cíbola?

Click the link for an in-depth analysis by Cindy Coping examining the urban legend that Coronado’s men saw jaguars near the present day Zuni pueblos in northern Arizona and New Mexico. Did Coronado see Jaguars at Cibola? 

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USFWS Designates 764,207 acres as Jaguar Critical Habitat

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has designated more than 3/4 million acres of Arizona and New Mexico are designated as critical habitat, claiming this is “essential” to prevent a range-wide extinction of the entire species. Despite this bizarre determination with only minimal resemblance to credible science, the agency has correctly acknowledged the results of SACPA’s […]

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Who Knows What’s Endangered?

This article was written by southern Arizona ranchers and biologists. It is published in the Summer 2013 issue of RANGE Magazine. It is re-posted here with permission from RANGE Magazine. Who Knows What’s Endangered?

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