Understanding Kansas Cattle Deaths of June 10-11

A viral video went around the internet showing thousands of cattle that suddenly died in a Kansas “heat burst.” Overnight losses were estimated between 2,000 and 10,000 head. Around the internet, armchair speculation blamed these losses on anything from the climate change bogeyman, to feed poisoning, to 5G, to intentional destruction of the food  supply.

The consensus of actual Kansas livestock veterinary experts is that the cattle suffered a sudden, 14 degree, 2 AM temperature rise following a rainstorm and triple digit temperatures the previous day. It was a sudden, freak weather event. The cattle, particularly finished cattle, were unable to acclimatize to the sudden temperature burst combined  with unusual humidity, and shed that heat fast enough.

Ag Daily reporters explain what happened.  The gentleman in the first video embedded in this article gives a straightforward explanation that aligns with what the Kansas veterinary authorities concluded. He also puts the estimated death loss numbers into perspective. A later article analyzes what happened and  how the state is helping affected farmers and feedlots.