Letter of support for Tiffany Shedd for Attorney General

We received the following letter of support for Tiffany Shedd for Arizona Attorney General. Tiffany Shedd will be one of the featured speakers at our Friday, May 20 SACPA general meeting.

“It pretty much goes without saying; politics is not a perfect science. Every election cycle some really stupid, unexpected, and counterproductive results mar the whole process.

Elections are generally about electing the best candidate for the office at hand; rarely does the electorate have the opportunity of electing THE BEST person to the office from among the candidates.

The 2022 elections are giving Arizonans an opportunity to elect at least one individual in a statewide race who is clearly superior to the other candidates.

The office I’m talking about is the race for our next Attorney General. TIFFANY SHEDD has impeccable credentials; she’s qualified because of her integrity, experience, dedication, and determination. She sees this office for what it is, an assignment to serve and safeguard the citizens of our State. She is a lawyer, (a water lawyer), a small business owner (seriously affected by illegal immigration and drug cartel activity). She is committed to dedicating her energies and legal expertise to serving and planning for the future of our State.

The power brokers and big money social engineers all too frequently act according to what’s in their best interest, not what’s in Arizona’s best interest. It appears that is what is happening in this race.

I’m hoping you will pay special attention to this race and carefully analyze the plans and foresight of the candidates as they present their plans to serve our citizens and keep Arizona on a firm and conservative path toward prosperity and sound government.

I am writing to ask you to support Tiffany. To get her message out, Tiffany needs your help. If you agree that we need an attorney general who has the backbone to put Arizona first, please make a donation before the March 31st quarterly deadline. I urge you to make that investment in our future.

The max contribution for couples is $10,600 and $5,300 for individuals but any amount is greatly appreciated. Donations may be made online here or if you would like to send a check click here for address and contribution form.

Please join me for a better future.

Thank you,

Hon. Bill McGibbon

Former Arizona State legislator

Past President of the Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association

Lifelong Farm Bureau member

Past Director of the National Cattlemen’s Association

Past President of the Southern Arizona Cattlemen’s Association”