Brush Mgmt./ Soil Health Workshop Series

WHAT: A series of four sequential workshops focusing on grassland resilience, brush management and soil science sponsored by the Altar Valley Conservation Alliance, Pima Natural Resource Conservation District, University of AZ Cooperative Extension, Santa Rita Experimental Range, USDA Agricultural Research Service, and Cienega Watershed Partnership.

WHEN: Oct. 10, Oct. 20, November 3, and January 19.

This free workshop series will bring together land managers, ranchers, and researchers to learn about the standard management practices in three adjacent watersheds to improve soil health and manage mesquite encroachment. Sessions include a kick-off virtual webinar, and three in-person field visits and workshops. Workshops will feature local experts on the ecological features of the landscape, treatment planning and implementation, and effects of management on soil health, vegetation, and habitat quality.

Download the  Grassland Resilience Workshop Series Flyer