22 Bills Governor Ducey Vetoed May 28, 2021

On Friday, May 28, 2021, Governor Ducey vetoed 22 bills the Legislature had passed and transmitted for his signature. With the vetoes, the governor wrote a letter explaining his decision and posted it to his website: Governor Ducey Vetoes 22 Bills; Calls On Legislature To Pass A Budget

In his letter, Governor Ducey identifies the 22 bills he vetoed. None of the vetoes directly impacts the cattle industry but many impact issues that are important to everyone.

To help us all better understand the full impact of the Governor’s veto decision, we created a spreadsheet  summarizing the content of the  22 Bills Governor Ducey Vetoed on May 28 2021. Links to each bill’s full text are also provided.

To summarize the summary, Governor Ducey vetoed two bills that would improve election integrity; one bill protecting Arizonans both from enduring, and from being forced to fund, government promotion of racial, sexual, ethnic or religious bigotry, and also requires regular financial audits from cities; one bill protecting Arizonans from unconstitutional Executive Orders issued by the President of the United States; four bills regulating the production and distribution of marijuana; one bill recognizing  a fetus as an unborn child; one bill creating a corporate tax credit for donations of real estate to schools; one bill creating a tax incentive for education savings; one bill that better connects poor people and USDA SNAP benefits to Arizona grown produce; one bill reforming the jurisdiction over “guilty except insane” convictions;  two bills protecting Arizonans and tourists from speeding, aggressive or intoxicated motorists; one bill that eases the hardships the law places on innocent families of DUI convicts; one bill protecting homeless Arizona seniors; one bill allowing adopted children to access their original birth certificates upon reaching 18 years of age; one bill that certifies prisoners for post-incarceration employment and also improves humane treatment of incarcerated women; and two mental health bills.